Bring the 3D Experience to your iPhone with Hasbro's My3D

Remember the days back when you held that bright red View-Master up towards the light to view sequential images that told a story without words and without any dialog? Well, now imagine a similar-looking device that's colored black (or white) with accents of blue that brings the 3D experience to your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Image from the iPhone Freak.Image from the iPhone Freak.

So how does it work? Obviously you have to get the My3D viewer first. Simply snap on your iPhone or iPod Touch and peer into the My3D viewfinder and you're all set. 3D content optimized for these Apple devices are quite limited, so Hasbro thought one step ahead of you by making 6 3D apps available free of charge at the iTunes App Store. There are currently six 3D games available and one app that promises to deliver free 3D content for your viewing pleasure regularly as they come.

Here's a complete list of the 3D games to use with My3D:

  • My3D 360-degree Sharks, an exploration game set under the sea
  • My3D Teleport L.A., which showcases primary toursist spots in Los Angeles
  • My3D Sector 17, a shooter game set in space
  • My3D Tunnel Pilot, a racing game
  • My3D Bubble Bolt, a puzzle game where you play as a fish (or shark or starfish)
  • My3D Shatterstorm, another shooter game that's still set in outer space

The app designed for use with the My3D viewer is the My3D Presents app, which will supply you with 3D trailers, 3D previews, and 3D demos of more apps that are coming for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

The Hasbro My3D viewer retails at $34.99 and is available in both black and white.

You can check out the Hasbro site about purchasing information for the My3D here: Hasbro.