Bring 'Em On! Handshoe Mice Wanted To Relieve NSAH Pain

I have been reading about the Handshoe Mouse since last October and now it's April, and the Handshoe Mouse still isn't sold in the U.S  Where in the heck is it? 

Everyone else in the U.S. is getting relief; what about us poor computer slaves who are suffering from NSAH (Neck, Shoulder, Arm, and Hand) pain?  Before we get the darned Handshoe Mouse, we'll have added another body part to our pain!

What's the fuss about?  Well, if we are anything like Dutch computer users, NSAH pain causes about 20 percent of our absences from work.  That's not good, especially if you're paid by the job or by the hour! 

The Handshoe Mouse, a product of Hippus, the Netherlands, reduces the exertion of the muscles in your arms and hands that cause most of the agony that comes with repetitive stress injury (RSI). The Handshoe, strangely slogan-ed 'The Only Mouse That Fit's Like A Glove,' is designed to keep your hand in a relaxed position on the mouse, free from excessive gripping and stretching of the fingers.  A relaxed hand will allow the arm, shoulders, and neck to be relaxed as well. 

There seems to be two major secrets to the success of the Handshoe mouse: its particular ergonomic design and getting the correct fit.  The Handshoe comes in 12 sizes: six for the right hand and six for the left.




The photos above shows me why the Handshoe Mouse is nicknamed The Horse.  In any case, the testimonials from folks who've been using The Horse have been very positive about their subsequent reduction NSAH pain, although they imply that getting used to The Horse was a different kind of pain -- well, it didn't come easily.

Who cares if it takes some getting used to.  So did broccoli!  I say, bring 'em on.  We need that kind of relief.  (If you can't wait for relief to come to you, go to it!  Bring a ruler with you to this link, and follow the instructions!)

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Apr 11, 2009
by Must Love Gadgets

Thanks for sharing Anna!

Wow! That is cool . It's always cold in my office!  Thank you for sharing that with us!

Apr 13, 2009
by Anonymous

Don't give up ....

If you can't get them here, maybe you should have some manufactured! : )