Bring The Fat Back (Or Bring The Back Fat)!

I've often wondered why our society is so obsessed with thin-ness. I've fantasized about going back in time where women wore full-length, wool dresses in the summer and were corseted within an inch of their lives--just so I could indulge in a few more Ho-Hos or another bag of M&Ms. My inner fat person was longing to be set free!

I have found the answer to my diet-obsessed prayers with "How to Get Fat."

How To Get FatHow To Get Fat

The book is filled with vital information for "finding the mental fat within," including passing up fruits and vegetables in favor of fats, sugar and carbs, eating emotionally to celebrate joy and soothe pain,and how to establish an ultra-sedentary lifestyle.  It offers a gamut of motivation including "Historical Precedence: Thin Wasn't Always In" to practical advice that encourages getting fat as a means of fending off unwanted advances. Pooh-poohing such thin "myths" as "It's healthy to be skinny" and "My metabolism is too fast!", How To Get Fat helps you overcome these barriers to transform into your corpulent self. (See Get Fat)


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May 7, 2010
by Anonymous

Wow. This perpetuates every

Wow. This perpetuates every horrible fat stereotype there is.

Fat people eat to push down their feelings.
Fat people aren't sexually attractive.
Fat people sit around all day.
Fat people only eat fat and sugar.

Oh... and it's safe to make fun of fat people, everyone's doing it. They're funny to look at! And since we can't do all the racial stuff anymore, fat is the final frontier in comedy.


Jun 25, 2010
by Barb McHatton

Sorry--I didn't mean to

Sorry--I didn't mean to offend anyone. The book is obviously meant as a joke.

You're right--it's a cheap shot and I apologize for all of the stupid implications I made.