British Elegance With Today's Technology

Caterham Motors has already firmly established itself in the racing world. Apparently they questioned that and decided to create something that would make it even more definite. They joined forces with RS Performance and the Caterham RS was born.

The RS looks basically the same as the other vehicles designed by Caterham. They use older British Roadsters as a basis and build onto that. What makes this one different is the 500+ horsepower hiding under the hood.

RS Performance was in charge of assembling the engine. After some discussing, they decided on a Supercharged 2.4L V8 with 5 Valves-per-Cylinder. Now, 2.4L may seem small, but don't smirk yet, it makes over 500hp and 300ft/lbs of torque at the wheels. Impressive.

If that's a little too much get up and go, they offer a slightly detuned version. By removing the supercharger, it will bring the numbers down to a modest 380 hp and 190 ft/lbs of torque.

If you combine that kind of power output with a total weight of 1150lbs (520kg) and you have one fast little car. If fact, the cars is equipped with the latest traction control systems and launch control to make sure you can get off the line and stay on the road. The price for you own road racer is set at $230,000 or £115,000. Think it will compete with the Caparo T1 ?

Via : TopSpeed , Caterham USA

George Delozier
Automotive Innovations