British Inventor Creates First Adjustable, Carbon Neutral Clothes Hanger!

Nick Lewis says that his new Adjustable Eco Hanger will save 6.5 million tons of carbon each year, the equivalent of removing 1.5 million cars from the road.  He figures this based on the 40 billion hangers a year that are used globally, many of which are discarded, especially by retailers.

The Adjustable Eco Hanger sees to the needs of a variety of clothes - sizes, shapes, and genders included - as well as types of clothes, like jackets, sweaters, shirts, pants, skirts, etc.  The hangers, made by Lewis's company, Hanger4Life, are made from a strong plastic, ABS, the kind used to make crash helmets. 


Hanger4Life Adjustable Eco Hanger with inventor, Nick Lewis: ©, photograph by Richard SakerHanger4Life Adjustable Eco Hanger with inventor, Nick Lewis: ©, photograph by Richard Saker


Though plastic manufacturing is not carbon neutral, Lewis estimates he produces 40 percent less carbon than standard manufacturing processes by using more efficient manufacturing, less tooling, and reduced packaging.  The production of the Eco Hangers has been overseen by an independent auditor, Eco 3, which has verified the ecological savings.  Plus, Hanger4Life has volunteered to offset the carbon it does emit, by planting trees - a donation which will complete Lewis's promise to make a carbon neutral product.

Now, here is the inventor himself showing you how the Eco Hanger works:




The Adjustable Eco Hangers come in a pack of six and are made in a child's size as well as adult.Imagine your kids literally growing up with the same hangers.  They can use the same hangers from infancy to adulthood and then save them their children!   


Hanger4Life Adjustable Eco Hanger, adult size: ©Hanger4LifeHanger4Life Adjustable Eco Hanger, adult size: ©Hanger4Life


Child size Adjustable Eco Hanger: ©Hanger4LifeChild size Adjustable Eco Hanger: ©Hanger4Life


They are already available for purchase by retail stores, but Lewis has also put them on retail sale at  For a pack of 6 adult Eco Hangers, the price is equivalent to about $10.50 US; the kid's hangers are about $7.50 US. 

Not bad pricing at all, especially for hangers that do so much and are virtually indestructible.

Congratulations from InventorSpot, Mr. Lewis!, Hanger4Life,

Aug 6, 2010
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