The British Museum Presents: Time Explorer

The British Museum has put together a great little video game adventure to get site visitors to learn more about ancient civilizations with the use of a magical time bracelet to traverse the histories of Mexico, Roma and China.  The game is awesomely entertaining and decidedly educational.

At the start, go to the information boothAt the start, go to the information booth

There's no registration required for Time Explorer.  Just load it up and read the tutorial.  You're an extremely talented curator at the British Museum trying to research historical natural disasters.  You use the arrow keys to move, the space bar to do an action, and the mouse to play mini games.  You have to search out the mini games for extra points on the way to collecting artifacts that will lead you to victory.

The game is pretty well constructed, and users will not find any problems with the controls.  The historical material is particularly interesting as well.  You will definitely have at least one or two facts that other gamers don't know by the time you finish the game.

I've always been a fan of games that have an intellectual or educational aspect to them, and Time Explorer falls right into that category.  My only complaint would be that the game is actually pretty short.  If history tickles your fancy, go travel through time for a bit, and let us know where you wound up in the comments.