Are Brits Sleeping Better - And Cheaper?

It doesn't seem like very long ago when phrases like "Hypo-Allergenic Memory Foam" and "Green Tea Infused Mattress Topper" would have sounded like strings of nonsense. However, the past two decades of busier schedules and shorter sleeping hours have flipped the bedding industry on its' (bed) head, and the Science of Sleep has never been more profitable. With demand comes supply, so mattresses of all shapes and sizes have been developed to fit every taste, body type, physical ailment, or bizarre lifestyle. Fancier is better, it seems, and shopping for a new bedroom set has begun to feel a whole lot like buying a new sports car.

The wide range of options tells consumers one thing, that not all mattresses are created equal. But what's the right choice for you? And how can you get something comfortable and stylish without taking out a second mortgage? Those aren't always easy questions to answer, but if a company has all the top options on the market in every size from single to king, and at lower prices than competitors....quite simply, they are trying to make the process less painful for your patience as well as your pocketbook.

Swift Blu Cool Memory 40 Comfort MattressSwift Blu Cool Memory 40 Comfort Mattress

Memory Foam was all the rage when it first came on the market just over 20 years ago, and sleeping on this futuristic material was like a dream in itself. The bar had been set, and the arms race for the ultimate level of luxury had begun.  However, most products like cars, phones, and other progressive technologies tend to have their prices drop over time, and we are finally seeing top of the line mattresses do the same. For those buyers who have been waiting years to experience the body-hugging goodness of memory foam, the time is now.

Memory foam may have been the next big thing after waterbeds, "organic mattresses", and the classic innersprings, but they are far from the end of bedtime advancements. Although memory foam is popular, it doesn't completely isolate the body's movements, while pocket mattresses seem like a simple solution to this age-old problem. By totally isolating each spring in an individual sleeve, they all operate independently of each other. This means that the midnight readjustments of your bedfellow won't shift you around or wake you up.  For generations, interlinked springs have been the source of grudge-causing antsiness between men and women, but they don't have to be anymore.  

Joseph Optimus 1800 Pocket MattressJoseph Optimus 1800 Pocket Mattress


Shire Chelsea Super KingShire Chelsea Super King

If memory foam is a bit too malleable and mushy for your tastes, try a reflex foam mattress, where you are literally sleeping on air. Large air bubbles that never completely decompress create a firmer support system than memory foam. Sleeping on air is not for everyone, so why not combine various styles, Shire Dual Seasons OrthoShire Dual Seasons Ortholike traditional coiled springs layered with body-fitting latex? Or perhaps individual pockets surrounded by memory foam, with thousands of small vents cut in the sides for air flow? See if a mattress with a built-in cooling system will keep your body at the right temperature on even the toastiest evenings.

Understanding the options for slumber in the lap of luxury is one thing, but being able to afford it is another matter entirely. What has often discouraged people from moving to the next level of bedding comfort is the steep price tag that comes along with it.  Even after years on the market, many memory, reflex, organic,  pocket and orthopedic mattresses are still pricey, but as with any free market system, price is a negotiable and flexible thing.

At some specialty sites, the staggering array of sizes, types, designs, and extras means that everyone can build or find their dream mattress. WeDo Mattresses is one of the many sites that are trying to make the confusing and overwhelming hassle of buying a new bed something to actually enjoy. The site is easy to navigate, packed with every option imaginable, and truly is for everyone; university students looking for a comfy crash pad for under $100, as well as business moguls looking to lie on the best springs money can buy.

Shire Encapsulated Memory MattressShire Encapsulated Memory Mattress

Some of the "top of the line" mattresses that may be upwards of $1,000 - 2,000 at American retailers are being sold across the pond in England for half the price, or even less. So what do the citizens of the British Isles know about fair pricing and luxury that we don't? The pound may be stronger than the dollar,Healthbeds DaVinci 4000Healthbeds DaVinci 4000 but even with the exchange rate, some Brits are sleeping soundly with smiles on their faces.

More importantly, what do you think? Are you ready to try the newest and wildest innovations that the world's masters of the mattress have come up with in recent years? Do you want to leave your broken-down beds behind?

Don't take high prices and low quality lying down. Move into the modern age of undisturbed dreams and unbelievable comfort, without having to dip into the stash of cash underneath your old mattress!

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