Brooklyn Brew Shop: Apartment Size Home Brew Kits

Setting up equipment to brew beer at home requires a lot of space, and specific housing conditions which make it a more convenient and desirable option just to run to the store for a 6-pack rather than putting in the effort. Now, the Brooklyn Brew Shop makes it possible to brew beer with limited space through the unique product that they offer.

Brooklyn Brew ShopBrooklyn Brew Shop

The owners of Brooklyn Brew Shop took a big risk when deciding to start their business; quitting their jobs in the middle of a recession when many of the people around them were losing theirs, but with such a unique product available it's proving to be a sound venture. The Brooklyn Brew Shop sells kits with everything you need to brew your own beer in a New York apartment. The kits come with the equipment, ingredients (sold in 1 gallon or 5 gallon kits), and complete instructions that assume that you know absolutely nothing about brewing beer.

I think it goes without saying that the brewing equipment is apartment sized, and all you need to add are a stock pot, funnel and strainer into the mix. Kits come in specific brew flavours with rotate along with the seasons for unique blends that come straight out of your apartment!

Via: NYTimes

Oct 12, 2009
by Chris Weiss


Wow, what a cool idea. I'd imagine you could buy a few thousand beers for the cost of one of these kits, but it's still a pretty cool idea.

Oct 14, 2009
by Anonymous


It looks like the total cost for everything you need to make beer comes to less than a hundred dollars. Not sure where you can buy a few thousand beers for that. The kit is not what you see in the picture, it's way, way smaller.

Oct 15, 2009
by Anonymous


You do realize that brewing kits in all sorts of sizes and shapes have been around for ages, right? Not exactly much of an "invention"...