Brush Less With "Breath-Less" Toothpaste For Pets


I've tried brushing with peanut butter toothpaste, spraying with anti-bacterials, and feeding my dog breath mints, in addition to the "professional" teeth cleaning services of his groomer and periodic veterinarian scaling. His breath still stinks.

My cat eats mice and rats, so you can imagine what her breath smells like!

Ah, but the folks at Ark Naturals have come up with a Breath-Less Chewable Brush-Less Tooth Paste for dogs and cats. While I can't say that I like the name "Breath-Less," because bad breath is better than no breath at all, I'm willing to give this stuff a try.

The chewable toothpaste, formulated with the advisement of a veterinarian, includes all natural foods and flavorings, (Rice flour, honey, water (for processing), glycerin, gelatin, canola oil, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, lecithin, cultured whey, salt, calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, flax oil, cinnamon, ascorbyl palmitate (Stay-C-50), clove, chlorophyll, vanilla, glucose oxidase, sodium, pyrophosphate), and no wheat, corn, soy, animal protein, or by-products.

Stay-C 50, a patented ingredient, along with glucoxidase, and sodium pyrophosphate work to control oral germs and the build-up of tartar. Chlorophyl, cinnamon and clove are the ingredients that cover bad breath -- you've probably used them yourselves.

Recommended dosage is one to two chews per day. The chews come in two sizes, one for small to medium dogs/cats, and another for medium to large dogs.


And if your dog or cat needs more tartar control, Arks Natural makes a Breath-Less Fizzy Plaque Zapper for small-medium and medium to large cats and dogs. Active ingredients include: Lysozyme, Glucoxidase. Lactoferrin, and peptizyme, as well as papain to whiten the teeth. (I'll have to try that myself!)

Ark Naturals via Dog Time


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Dec 30, 2008
by Jill Harness
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My dog needs these ASAP. Thanks Lady Bee!