8 Poppingly Great Bubble Gum Ads

Bubble gum companies around the world are spreading the message of big fruity bubbles, good breath and minty freshness. The following eight ads show off the greatest qualities of gum!

Here are eight of the best bubble gum ads: 

1. Endless Freshness

This ad from Clorets strives to promote the freshness of the gum by placing an over-sized gum pack at the end of a row of bushes in Beijing.

Gum Ad: Ads of the World

2. Bubbalicious

This magazine from Arcor Gum in Brazil provides a large 3D bubble when you open to the page.

Gum Ad: Ads of the World

3. Gum By Numbers

The Gum by Numbers (similar to paint by the numbers) campaign in Australia placed blank photos of Marilyn Monroe, Mona Lisa and a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the streets.

People were encouraged to stick their gum on the pictures. This was done to not only make the photos beautiful but also to keep the streets in Australia beautiful and free from gum.

Gum Ad: Ads of the World

4. Feel the Burn

Altoids Chewing Gum used the "Curiously Strong" messaging in this newspaper ad. The curiously strong "burn" of Altoids gum was felt in both the Altoids ad and the ash it left on the other page.

Gum Ad: Ads of the World

5. It's Everywhere!

This billboard really burst some bubbles in spreading the world about this bubble gum!

Gum Ad: Ads of the World


6. Bubbles Galore

In Germany, Hubba Bubba bubble gum placed pink balloons with the brands' logo on existing structures and posters throughout Dusseldorf. People in the posters soon became Hubba Bubba Bubble Blowers.

Gum Ad: Ads of the World

7. Good Fortune

In Chinese restaurants in the Czech Republic, Orbit placed a promotional message in fortune cookies: He who chews Orbit after any meal, healthy teeth he will have.

Gum Ad: Ads of the World

8. Icy

The following series of ads from Puerto Rico steps away from the usual minty freshness of gum and focuses on its' icyness.

Gum Ad: Ads of the World

What do you think of these minty and bubbly ads? Have you seen anything this creative for Nicorette chewing gum?

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