Bubble Gum Meets Bubble Bath

Gum flavor bath salts leave you smelling sweetGum flavor bath salts leave you smelling sweet
Bathing just got a whole lot sweeter, thanks to chewing gum scented bath and body salts! Enjoy the aroma of Japan's favorite chewing gums in six classic flavors including coffee, pickled plum and blueberry. 

Lotte, one of Japan's biggest confectioners, has partnered with toy & game giant Bandai Namco to create this scented sextet of chewing gum bath and body salts. Not being your average aromatherapy products, one has to wonder if the bather retains the aroma of coffee or sour plum after soaking in their essence.

The classic Japanese chewing gums chosen for the new line of bath and body salts include from left to right: Blueberry, Ume (Pickled Plum), Green Gum, Black Black (Liquorice), Coffee and Quick Quench. The latter is a sports gum, so figure on a Gatorade-ish smell. Yummy!

The bath and body salts feature clever packaging that retains label logos familiar to Japanese candy fans and packages the actual bath salts in convenient, gum-like sticks, 6 per pack.

It's debatable whether people would like to emerge from a warm bath reeking of coffee, Gatorade or liquorice though... smelling like that is a good reason for having a bath in the first place.

Even so, these unique bath and body salts typify the Japanese way of turning a marketing concept into reality: pull out all the stops, cover all the bases and follow through on each and every detail. (via Tokyomango, Bandai official press release here

Aug 28, 2008
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