The Bubble Scrubber Makes Dishwashing Less Tedious


I am definitely not great at keeping up with household chores.  I do the laundry, but it often sits in the basket for quite a while before it gets folded and put away.  The dusting basically only gets done if someone is coming to visit.  Vacuuming is alright I guess, except that I hate doing the stairs and I have a lot of them.  The one thing that I absolutely despise though, is doing the dishes.  I shove everything I possibly can in the dishwasher.  Unfortunately, there are some items that have to be washed by hand.  In those cases it would be nice to have something to make the whole process a bit more entertaining.


The Bubble Scrubber by Fred & Friends is part cleaning tool and part toy, which is a very rare combination.  The gadget is a dish scrubbing brush with a twist.  The handle of the brush is actually a bubble wand, like the ones found in kids’ bubble blowing sets, although this one is curved to better fit your hand. 

So now you can have some bubble blowing fun while you are slaving away over the dinner dishes.  Just maybe don’t use it after you’ve just washed the spaghetti pot, unless you want some tomato-y bubbles hitting your walls.  You can get your own Bubble Scrubber here

Source: WorldWideFred

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