Bubble Wrap Case for iPhone 5 Puts Snap, Crackle & Pop In Your Pocket

Old & busted: Rice Krispies going “snap crackle & pop” in your cereal bowl. New hotness: An iPhone 5 going “snap crackle & pop” in your pocket! Yes indeed, the Bubble Wrap Case for iPhone 5 provides owners with the inexplicable joy of popping bubble wrap anytime, anywhere, repeatedly since the case's “bubbles” never actually burst. 

The Bubble Wrap Case for iPhone 5 is the latest lifestyle-enhancing product to come out the Tomko Empire labs. It takes the proven technology of imitation repeatable bubble wrap to the next level by adapting the addictive stuff to match the form and function of an iPhone 5 case. Naturally, the silicone plastic and stainless steel case protects your iPhone 5 from life's hard knocks – it's wrapped in bubble wrap after all!

Protective attributes aside, the Bubble Wrap Case for iPhone 5 may be the first smartphone case to have functionality exclusive to itself. Even if your iPhone 5 is turned off or the battery's run down, users can keep themselves occupied and amused by popping the bubbles on the case. No doubt your fellow travelers in life will be amused as well, not to mention incredibly envious.

The Bubble Wrap Case for iPhone 5 only comes in one color: a pale and translucent white chosen to best approximate the look, feel and sound of actual bubble wrap. The sound is created mechanically, not electronically, so no batteries are required and there's no limit to the number of times each bubble can be popped... challenge accepted?

The Bubble Wrap Case for iPhone 5 can be ordered online at Amazon.com, priced at $18.90 each plus shipping. Further info is available at Strapya Taobao's Chinese-language product page.

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