Bubble Wrap Suit!

Bubble Wrap SuitBubble Wrap SuitI don't care who you are - if you say that you don't enjoy bubble wrap, you just aren't being honest enough with yourself. There is nothing better than opening up a fun new purchase, and setting it aside so that you can pop it at the most inappropriate moment.  Or maybe, just maybe it does get even better than that, because toting bubble wrap around could not be more convenient than wearing it.

The Bubble Wrap Suit is inspired by the movie "Dude Where's my Car" and helps curb the craving to keep popping. It can also be a great ice breaker if you are looking for a bit more physical human contact, or if you intend to engage in activities that require physical protection to keep you in one piece. 

Or if nothing else, it just makes for one heck of a Halloween costume and you know you will be the star of the party. You could also use it in its originally intended form; as a space suit to hunt down Zoltan, as Ashton Kutcher and friends did in the acclaimed movie.

The desire to wear a bubble wrap suit is actually not an unusual phenomenon, as there is even a Facebook page designated to that need. It is titled "I want to wear a bubble suit like in Dude Where's My Car (all hail Zolton!)" and it is a page that has 168 people that like it. That means if you get a suit of your own, you may not be the only person in the world wearing one, and that you'll certainly have some envious people admiring your fashion choices.

An important note: if you are someone that would like to wear a bubble wrap suit just for the popping potential, just ensure that you do so strategically or risk losing the benefit that the unique materialed-garmet provides - protection of your fragile self!  You can get the  Bubble Wrap Suit here.