Bucket, The Pinterest-Meets-Yelp Travel Planner With Usable Lists

 Use Bucket to Plan Trips to Sausalito, CA: Travel Planner Tips Image via Rebecca M. Hale FacebookUse Bucket to Plan Trips to Sausalito, CA: Travel Planner Tips Image via Rebecca M. Hale Facebook


As free apps go, more and more are being created for accommodating vacationers and travelers looking for something to do in the locales they find themselves in. This is a great way to get a snapshot, so to speak, of interesting or maybe even little-known places to see and activities to take part in that you might otherwise not know about. Now, someone has come out with a trip planning site that’s connected to Facebook but works more like Pinterest and Yelp, so you can gather all your travel planning tips in one place on one site.


If you’re familiar with how Pinterest works, you know that you create boards of your particular life interests and add to them as you go along. You can retrieve the ideas for your boards from other Pinners or go to sites like StumbleUpon for inspiration. Former Facebook employee Julia Lam came up with the idea to merge the two concepts after studying travel habit analytics to glean insight into how people actually planned vacations and business trips. What she found was people were using multiple text files and tabs for trip planning.


Adler Planetarium in Chicago: Bucket Now Provides Travel Tips NationwideAdler Planetarium in Chicago: Bucket Now Provides Travel Tips Nationwide


Bucket Travel Planner

Armed with that information, Lam decided to launch Bucket with another former Facebook employee by the name of John Sichi using an automated text parser that extracts recommendations from things like articles and friend suggestions via e-mail and Facebook in the format of a board of things to do. The outcome is very similar to a Pinterest board, only with loads of different places and things to experience taken from other travelers. If you weren’t already aware, Facebook is about as intrusive as Google, so they basically track everything that’s going on within the site.

Travel Planning

While some might find this unsettling, others enjoy the intuitive technology that it affords and the suggestions Facebook and Google supply, even if it’s ultimately to benefit advertisers. Thinly disguised or not, that snooping will now benefit you if you’re a Facebook user or you create an account with Bucket to plan the ultimate insider’s getaway. Since its inception, Bucket is now expanding the user recommendations supplied beyond Northern California, where it started, to include access to suggestions provided nationwide.


New York City: Get tips on Bucket for things to do in NYCNew York City: Get tips on Bucket for things to do in NYC


Expanded Features

Building on user input, Bucket is said to be adding features such as the ability to follow other travelers and their recommendations. Lam stated, “We’ve built our product to be broad enough not only for long-term trips like your road trip across the United States, but also for weekend collections or in-city collections. For myself, I have a bucket of when I go to Napa that organizes the different wineries, so I can make sure I’m hitting them in order.” The look of the site is both visually appealing and easy to navigate, and Pinterest users will love it.

Social Media

The appeal for something travel based like this is pretty broad, anyway, but people that are into social media, period, will really enjoy Bucket. However you roll, it’s free and it’s definitely worth checking out before planning your next trip.