Buckle Up, This Blade's Coming At You

Our Guest Blogger, Patrick Allen, is a writer hoping to live forever or at least die trying. He has some brilliantly wacky items to share with the readers of InventorSpot.com. Here's his article:

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Finally, a sharp object within easy reach instead of in my pocket! Not only does this beauty allow its user to save precious fractions of seconds in retrieving a knife when needed, but it also keeps your pants cinched tightly about your time saving waist.

The Bucklehead Belt Buckle Knife is supposedly the fastest knife in the world. I do believe the actual cutting of objects is still the responsibility of the user, but evidently no other blade can go from storage to job as quickly. If you need to cut a kite free from a tree for your young ones, you can rapidly snap the blade from your belt and have it flipped open and ensuring your children stop crying in no time! Just make sure to not snag the blade on your belt or something besides that kite will be gently fluttering in the breeze.

These knives are hand crafted and held in place by magnetic force. There seems to be a variety of styles to choose from as well; mountains and trees to trees and guns to guns and mountains to guns and trees and mountains. Of course, stylized flames are available to accentuate this wide assortment of patterns.


Flag Buckle KnifeFlag Buckle Knife

Wildlife Buckle KnifeWildlife Buckle Knife

I have a terrible feeling that if I did purchase one of these knives I would start finding excuses to cut things or perhaps cutting things for other people without being asked. Upon completion of these unnecessary tasks, I will then get to say "Did you see how fast that was? Didn't think so.". One liners like that are totally worth having a strong magnetic force and sharp metal inches away from my groin.

Patrick Allen
Guest Blogger

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Apr 7, 2008
by Anonymous

a new problem for airport security?

now airport security people will have to scrutinize every passenger for a belt buckle that turns into a knife. just when they thought the no-boxcutter and the liquids-in-the-clear-plastic-bags strategies had made the world a safe place...