Budget-Friendly Gourmet Fare: Economy Breeds Fine Dining That Meets Fast Food

Even in a down economy, people still have refined tastes. The bad news is, their wallet might not be in agreement with their taste buds - so to address this issue, there's a new trend in fine dining.

Gourmet Fast Food RestaurantsGourmet Fast Food Restaurants

Waters Catering is one of the businesses that offers a fine dining experience that's more wallet-friendly, and part of the cost reduction is the difference in service level of the restaurant. Waters Catering, Rubios, and Chipotle all provide gourmet food in a fast food environment.

With these gourmet fast food options, you don't have to worry about paying for the fancy decor, or snobby waiters, it's all about the food!

What do you think? Is this a trend representative of the times, or with a boost in the economy will gourmet fast food restaurants find themselves out of a niche?

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Oct 17, 2009
by Anonymous

Major Trend Boom

People are tired of McDs style fast food, I know Iam & I seek places out like
Long John Silvers Seafood- which does serve wine.
Vs McDs, etc.

Though I do like Carls Jr, Bob Big Boy, Wendys , Tommys (CA chain) , Fuddruckers for burgers.

Id love to see more:

Fast Food Gourmet Indian E.
Chinese Sichuwan style
Deli sandwhiches- NON Subway style.
Cereal Bar for AM traffic.
Gourmet Fast Food Cajun.
Gourmet Hibachi Diner?
Burger & Wine diner: serve gourmet burgers & wines for adults.
Big burgers, & decent side dishes & low salt fries.

Oct 20, 2009
by Anonymous


would be an option where time is also an issue