Buffalo's New USB LCD Computer Monitor Gives You Extra Screen Time

The new FTD-W71USB secondary computer monitor from Buffalo (the company, not the city) lets busy computer users view off-topic programs from an off-screen location.

The concept of USB-powered secondary computer monitors is relatively new, but its an idea whose time has come.

Many computer users find that segregating content such as social media, stock quotes or even personal photos on a smaller monitor can help them stay focused. Restricting non-essential content to a separate screen can boost productivity while keeping the user informed and in the loop at their convenience.

Buffalo's FTD-W71USB LCD monitor offers a number of useful and appealing features that allow users to exploit their secondary monitors to the fullest.

Besides the USB connection, the  FTD-W71USB's LCD screen rotates to accommodate crowded desks. The taller screen position is ideal for displaying images in the form of a digital photo frame, for example.

The FTD-W71USB is definitely not a replacement for your main computer monitor as its screen resolution is just 800 × 480 on a 7-inch screen. This does, however, make this flat screen LCD handy for displaying your Twitter or IM in a size large enough to avoid eyestrain.

The monitor's small size and slim profile (thanks to the LCD screen) also makes it conveniently portable.

Other specs of the Buffalo FTD-W71USB flat panel computer monitor "include 25ms response time, 300 nits of brightness, and horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 140 and 120 degrees respectively." (via Yersys Technology Blog)

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Feb 28, 2009
by Anonymous


When the hell is it going to be released?