Bufferin Plus S Cures Headaches Fast - For A Price

Well now Bufferin, look at you! Gone away to Japan and become some kind of a big shot, have we? Seems that's the case - Bufferin is a popular yet pricey OTC medicinal. Take the new Bufferin Plus S, marketed by Lion... if you don't already have a headache, the 1,080 yen ($11.85) for 24 tablets price will give you one. That being said, Lion at least tries to provide as much bang for the buck, er, yen, as possible.

Inside each Bufferin Plus S tablet are 4 different types of antipyretic analgesics: acetylsalicylic acid, acetaminophen, allylisopropyl acetylurea and anhydrous caffeine. Impressive, huh?

Don't walk out, this is where things get interesting: the quartet of pain relievers are combined with hydrophilic (water-loving) particles, disintegrating agents and last but not least, dried aluminum hydroxide gel to protect the stomach lining. Tests conducted by Lion show that Bufferin Plus S tablets formulated with what they like to call FASTab dissolve completely in just 45 seconds vs 90 seconds for tablets that don't use FASTab.

Yeah, I know the difference is less than a minute but the results allow Lion to advertise Bufferin Plus S as being "twice as fast" as the pitiful, near-useless snake oil flogged by the competition. Definitely they should hire Morbo to do their commercials.

OK, there you have it. Being a Cluster Headache sufferer I know as well as anyone that the greater the pain, the sooner you want it gone and the less you care about the cost. The key, one supposes, is to buy your meds when you DON'T need them, thus removing the desperation factor. (via Japan Today