Bug Pesky Mosquitoes With The Golden Lucky Mosquito Coil Cover

Nothing says summer in Japan like those green spiral mosquito coils, gently smoldering away and keeping pesky mosquitoes away in the process. Since exposed mosquito coils can be unsightly, Tokyo's Strapya World has come up with a cosmetic solution: the Golden Lucky Mosquito Coil Cover.

The top half of the cover is coated with shiny golden lacquer and the base is painted bright red. Both parts are made from nonflammable ceramic.

Simply light the mosquito coil, place inside the lower half, and place the cover on top. Holes in the cover allow odorless, mosquito-repelling smoke to waft out into your room, patio or yard.

Objects displaying this rather, erm, distinctive design are considered good luck charms in Japan and the old adage of "the bigger the better" applies here.

This particular charm should bring the owner much luck indeed: it measures 4.8 inches (12cm) high and the red cushion base is 7.3 inches (18.5cm) wide.