Bugaboo Donkey Stroller: Making Life With Twins Easier?

I saw a tagline on Bugaboo’s website—a Dutch company specializing in strollers—stating, “Going out with twins has never been easier—or as comfortable!” Oh, yeah? I have twins. Nothing about going out with them is easy. And if anyone is going to be comfortable while we are out, I want it to be me. But, I am always willing to take suggestions on making my life easier, so I kept most of my snarky comments to myself and read more about the Bugaboo Donkey Twin stroller. It’s pretty sweet.

If you don’t have twins, please keep reading. In three quick clicks, this stroller can be used as a mono stroller or as a double stroller. And because it’s so versatile, it can accommodate your non-twin family by holding a newborn next to your toddler. This stroller grows as your family grows.

I’m actually a bit dizzy from all of the features of this stroller, so let’s start with the base. The Bugaboo Donkey is made from aluminum and plastic, has large multi-terrain wheels that swivel or can be locked into place, and is narrow enough to fit through doors and hallways. It’s lightweight, easy to push, and has an adjustable handlebar that fits parents of different heights.

And then you add stuff to the base, most of which comes with the purchase of the stroller. When you are ready to take your babies out into the world for the first time, they will enjoy the bassinets that snap in and out of the bassinet frame which snaps in and out of the stroller base.

Bassinets that snap in and out of a stroller are good for two reasons: babies not old enough to be strapped into regular strollers can still get out of the house—which is more important for parents than newborns—and when babies fall asleep in the bassinet, parents can transport their sleeping angels into the house without fear of waking them. This is also important for parents. And their sanity.

Or if you are in and out of the car running errands, the base can also accommodate cars seats with an add-on purchase of a car seat adapter. No need to take your twins out of their car seats, which probably took 20 minutes to get them into.

When your children get a bit older, you can have them ride in the reclinable fabric seats that snap onto the base. The seats can face forward, backward, or each other. And when you are done using the stroller you can fold it up into a compact standing position. Or you can fold it and take it apart for a more compact stroller which is great if you are taking your Bugaboo Donkey on a road trip and need more trunk space.

Both the bassinets and seats can be covered with extendable sun canopies and rain covers; both are included in the price of the Donkey stroller. Also included are bottom and side storage baskets. And if want to try to eliminate people asking you if your twins are boys or girls, you can choose pink or blue canopies, or one of each. But don’t count on people not asking you a million other questions. I have learned that going out with twins is like parading around town with underwear on your head. People stare. People want the details.

Like all baby gear, some sweating and swearing may be involved before you get the hang of how to take advantage of all this stroller can do. But it seems pretty straight forward. Bugaboo has made several demo videos for those of you who are visual learners.

I emphasize all that is included with the Bugaboo Donkey Twin stroller because it’s not cheap. However, with the purchase of this stroller, you will only need to buy one stroller for the many stages of your child’s strolling days. Short of giving birth to your twins and then raising them until they are 37 pounds, the weight limit on each Donkey seat, Bugaboo’s stroller seems to do it all from the moment you bring your babies home from the hospital. So, the cost is totally worth it. Especially if it also makes going out with twins “easier.”

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