Buick Planning Turbo V6 for Upcoming Regal GS

Since the end of the GNX era in 1987, many people have been wondering if Buick will make a return to the sports car realm. While the Regal GSX package paid homage to the glory days of the Grand National, it just wasn't quite what we had hoped for. Now, it seems as though Buick might again visit the high power turbocharged world with the introduction of the Regal GS.

The new Regal is based on the Opel Insignia and is already slated to go on sale in the states. Currently, the sport version of the Regal is set to get a 220 horsepower 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4, mated to an optional 6-speed transmission.

The next step would be a turbocharged V-6 pumping out somewhere around 325 horsepower and 350lb/ft of torque. Sweetening the deal even more is the addition of Recaro sport seats, Brembo brakes and a performance suspension system.

Interestingly enough, the V-6 Buick GS is already spooled for production. The only thing holding it back is the market. According to a GM vehicle lineup executive, everything is in place to introduce the higher output version to the world, as long as the want is there.

Buick will likely see all the "want" they need to move forward with this rebirth of the GNX.

Motor Authority
Dec 8, 2009
by Anonymous


Just call it the Grand National II and every one will sell, if the performance is there!