Build Strength, Improve Acceleration And Work On Endurance With Keiser Air300 Runner

Keiser Air300 RunnerKeiser Air300 Runner

It's really hard for a machine to mimic a sprint. Treadmills come close, but it's hard to change pace and run all-out on a treadmill. Ellipticals confine you to a limited range of motion in your stride. However, the Keiser Air300 Runner gives you a range of motion in your stride and allows you to change your pace.

Of course, this machine isn't the same thing as a sprint, but it will improve your sprint time. Keiser Air300 Runner was designed to help athletes with their explosive power, acceleration and aerobic capacity. It does this by training the lower body as a resisted sprint would. With the Keiser Air300, you're basically sprinting, at an angle, with resistance.

Air300 ControlsAir300 Controls

The Air300 Runner comes with a Standard or Power Display. The Standard Display shows resistance information and reps performed. The Power Display gives you those numbers as well as Chip system, Power Output and Power Test. The Chip system allows you to access information from previous workouts. Power Output keeps track of the power you exert throughout your workout, and the Power Test option allows you to test your power and figure out your optimal resistance for power training. 

You can change the resistance on the Keiser Air300 via the handles. The Keiser Air300 uses pneumatic (air) resistance. The handles control the air pressure in the machine and with the press of a button, you can have more or less resistance. Check out the video below for more information on the resistance system and how to use the machine. 

You won't find the Air300 Runner in many homes. A single unit costs around $5,150. However, if your gym or fitness studio has invested in these machines, take advantage. The Keiser Air300 is great for your lower body. Even if you aren't an athlete, you can use this machine for keeping your thighs and butt nice and firm.

Source: Keiser