Build A Better Bike & Win The 2014 International Bicycle Design Competition!

Inventor Contest

If you have a way to make the globally appreciated sport of biking safer, more popular, exciting or fun than it is in its current form, you could win a huge pile of money for your idea!

The International Bicycle Design Competition is a great contest for design students of all ages and study programs that tests them to dream up ways to make cycling more accessible, safe, more of a challenge and/or enjoyable for everyone. The IBDC is looking for examples of innovative design in the following categories: “Bicycles - Mountain, Family, BMX, etc.” “Components – Wheels, Brakes, Steering, etc.” “Clothing and Accessories – Lights, Gloves, Shoes, etc.” as well as “Services and Facilities – Cycle Racks, Bike Rental Systems, Traffic Systems for Cyclists, etc.”.


The top innovator in the “Bicycles” category will earn almost $11,700USD, while the greatest goodies in the other three categories will earn their creators about $3,340, and six winners from each category will also receive $1,000 for their expert designs. Judges will take ten main aspects into consideration when grading the designs, including the product’s creativity, functionality, ease of use, practicality and sustainability.


Students interested in throwing their safe, socially responsible and fun cycling-enhancing product into the running will need to present their designs with a written description in English, alongside a few photos of your design work. If you’re ready to revolutionize the wide world of biking, you’d better hurry up, as the deadline for registering and submitting your idea is September 15th, 2013. Click here to learn more about the International Bicycle Design Competition and here to read over the contest’s official rules.

Source: iF Design