Build A Fantastic Product To Create The Future For A $20,000 Prize

The Create the Future Design Contest has been pushing talented inventors to dream up incredible and innovative products since 2002, and there’s still time for you to get your idea in this heated competition!

Primarily sponsored by COMSOL and SAE International, the Create the Future Contest is looking for advancements in the following fields: Aerospace & Defense, Electronics, Medical, Sustainable Technologies, Consumer Products, Machinery & Equipment, Safety and Security as well as Transportation & Automotive.

Prizes include a whopping $20,000 to the grand prize winner who knocks the socks off the judges with their new product, HP computers and other select goodies. The judges will be looking for certain features in your invention, so you’ve got to ask yourself: Does my invention:

Improve quality of life?
Automate tedious tasks?
Prevent or reduce injuries?
Improve public safety and security?
Save time and money?
Offer alternative energy solutions?
Reduce consumption of natural resources?
Lead to other product improvements?

Some of the previous grand prize winners include 2012’s Sensordrone (A compact sensor to feed data to mobile devices), 2011’s ?Screen (A quarter-sized bacteria-screening device for safer food consumption), and 2010’s Rowheel (Wheelchair Propulsion System).

Mark Wagner's 2012 Grand Prize Winning SensordroneMark Wagner's 2012 Grand Prize Winning Sensordrone

To get started, you’ll need to register on the Create the Future website and then you’re free to enter. All that’s left is to compose your presentation with a 500 word (or less) description of your invention as well as one to three illustrative images of your idea. Click here to get started!

You’ve got until March 31st to get your product entered into the contest, so what are you waiting for? That 20,000 bones aren’t going to win themselves!

Source: Create the Future