Build Hello Kitty’s World One Mega Blok At A Time!

Hello Kitty, the worldwide cultural icon, cartoon star and ambassador from Japan to China and Hong Kong, has an immensely huge following, and it’s only natural that fans would want to personally take part in building her little world. Mega Bloks to the rescue!




While the static Beach, Math, Music and other “scene” type playsets are a little boring to me, the Mega Blok team did an excellent job creating a variety of fun sets for when the famous white cat goes out adventuring. I especially feel that Hello Kitty’s seaside camper, large cruise ship and classic cartoony airplane would make for fun gifts that would be played with long after they are constructed, but I’m sure that plenty of younger girls will get a kick out of customizing her Dream and Beach Houses.




Mega Bloks truly knows how to translate hit franchises into age appropriate toys, as Hello Kitty and the colorful and pastel Bloks making up her sets are chunky and just as interchangeably fun as that other line of plastic building toys that Mega Bloks reminds you of. Older kids and hardcore Hello Kitty collectors should definitely get excited over the Mega Bloks blind bagged collection of character figures, especially since they’re the only way to get your hands on cuties like Painter, Bedtime and Safari Kitty! Who knows if Mega Bloks and Sanrio will expand the series beyond Hello Kitty and Mimmy Kitty to include classic friends like Choccocat, Cinnomoroll and Badtz-Maru, but in the meantime, fans should be more than happy recreating Hello Kitty’s adventures with these nicely designed Mega Bloks sets.




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