Build Something Snappy To Win The Rubber Band Contest For Young Inventors


It’s time to stretch imaginations once again for the 2013 Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors! With over $7,000 in prize money on the line, students from grades 5-8 will compete to build the greatest rubber band powered invention of all time.

The RBCfYI is split between two different divisions: “Arts & Leisure” and “Science & Engineering”. Previous winners have shown their ability to think well outside of the box by creating sculptures of trees and dogs made entirely of rubber bands on the artistic side of the contest, while innovative, high-tension elastic contraptions that have won include a Piano Page Turner, “Elastibed,” and the “Exa-Stretch.”

If you’re interested in bouncing your rubber band based invention into the contest, snap to it! You’ve got to get your creation to the Akron Global Polymer Academy by April 5th! For more information about the Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors, click HERE.


(If you can come up with something more creative than a paperclip launcher, click here to get a head start building your awesome invention!)

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