Build Your Experience By Paying To Work For Free

Society tries to prepare students of high school and college age for their future careers by setting them up with job placements and career counseling, and while it's a great way to help establish career goals from a young age, what about the older generations? Figuring Out understands that no matter what your age or stage of life, sometimes you need a little help to meet your career goals.

Unlike the programs offered to students, Figuring Out does charge clients for its services; it would be cruel to suck a student's back account dry, but why have any qualms when it comes to dealing with those who are better financially established? They will work with anyone who hasn't quite figured out what they want to do career-wise for the next years or decades, whether it means making a career change or starting from scratch.

The first step of their process is Career Coaching, which begins with a 30 minute evaluation session so a coach can put together a complete plan to discuss during the upcoming six 1 hour coaching sessions. Naturally such a service is pricey, but you have to email them directly with your situation to receive a quote; however, to give you more bang for your buck, they do guarantee you unlimited email communication with your coach during the period you're paying them.

The goal of the Career Coaching is pretty typical and exactly what you would expect; it looks at jobs that you would be well suited for; helps you with goal planning; and helps develop your interview and job hunting techniques.

The unique part of their service, the Work Experience placements, comes at an additional fee. Working with their sister company, Striding Out; which hunts for companies looking for grown interns with little relevant experience, they set clients up with prospective work placements. They won't stop with just one either; looking at your career goals, as determined during the Career Coaching sessions, they will connect clients with any available jobs so give them the well-rounded experience they need to pursue a long-term career in the industry or position (with the hope that future jobs would offer paychecks instead of charges).

Figuring Out also recommends that people interested in self-employment follow their Career Coaching and Work Experience programs to better establish themselves as industry experts and help them set attainable goals and plans. Could there be a benefit in this circumstance? Maybe, maybe not.

I may jest, but I like a service that makes sure the life experienced aren't limited in their new job pursuits, by being offered the same opportunities to work for free as their younger counterparts. We may have more life experience, but it doesn't mean we don't need help figuring out what we want.