Build Your Own Clothing And Accessories: 4 Funky Lego Fashions

Lego is possibly the material that is easiest to design and build with, and it also has a fun and whimsical element to it. As a result, it's not surprising that so many designers are embracing it...just like a kid in a candy store; or rather, a kid with a bucket of Lego.

#4 Funky Lego Fashion - Marc Jacobs Runway Accessories in Lego

Marc Jacobs LegoMarc Jacobs Lego

For the Spring 2008 show by Marc Jacobs, Lego accessories were a whimsical feature that helped draw attention to the garments that also got people really talking! The coolest accessories featured in this show were the Lego belt buckle and the Lego headband which helped lend a youthful vibe to the classic and contemporary fashion items!

#3 Funky Lego Fashion - Lego Cufflinks

Lego CufflinksLego Cufflinks

A number of designers and retailers have adopted this trend, although some, likely due to copyright limitations, do not call them "Lego Cufflinks" you can't help but recognize them as the popular childhood toy. One company doesn't mislead you about the true origin of their childish cufflinks, and they even feature the Lego logo. For $15.99 a pair, these cufflinks are basic, in the primary colors of Lego that we're come to recognize, and they come in a classy velvet bag for safekeeping!

#2 Funky Lego Fashion - Trendy Lego Sunglasses

Lego SunglassesLego Sunglasses

Lynx Optique recently teamed up with Lego to release the retro-styled Lego sunglasses that have a hipstery vibe that's been fashionable in eyewear this season. Plus, what's better than being able to modify your eyewear to better suit your tastes, hang onto your childhood and field questions about what happened to your face...err, sunglasses? Where can you get these sunglasses in North America (or as more than just a concept?), well I've yet to discover that, so stay tuned!

#1 Funky Lego Fashion - The Original Helmet Head

Lego HairLego Hair

Forget hairspray, Lego hair can give you the original helmet head that won't just last all day, it will last you a lifetime. In 2004, Brazilian designer Jum Nakao put his models in Lego hair helmets during a runway show, which certainly put the hair stylists out of a job!


Aug 17, 2009
by Anonymous

LEGO hair?!

That is not LEGO hair but Playmobil hair...