Build Your Own Emoticon With Minimise Me

Emoticons have become part of everyone’s language on instant messaging programs like MSN. Even though they’re just pictures, they can add more meaning to a conversation. Now Windows Live Messenger is providing a free, user-friendly program that helps you build your own emoticon.

Source: Minimise Me

Minimise Me allows users to create their own characters, either from scratch or from the “Celebrity Gallery”. Like other character customization programs (South Park Character Creator), the process is quite simple. With a few clicks here and there, users can determine the shape, colour, facial features, hair and accessories their character will have.

However, if you don’t feel like going through the process of creating your own emoticon, you can use any of the characters from the “Celebrity Gallery”. Despite having no names, you can pretty much tell which emoticon is based on which celebrity. For example, Posh Spice is hidden somewhere in the gallery.

After creating or editing an emoticon, users can use them in Windows Live Messenger through two ways. One way is by running the program setup which will directly import the character as a display picture or emoticon in WLM. The second option users have is to download your work as a picture, which allows you the ability to use it for whatever messaging service or website you choose. 

Minimise Me is a great new program as Windows Live Messenger has never offered users this experience before. You can look for emoticons on other websites, but having a simple tool like this program makes things easier. Even though it doesn’t have a wide variety of categories for characters, programs like Minimise Me always upgrade in the future.