Building A Better Mousetrap: Humorous Design From Atypik

Humorous design is in a category of its own.  Designers like Fred & Friends, 5.5 Designers, Suck UK, and Atypik regularly turn out functional designs made of high quality materials at affordable prices, and they express wit and wry social commentary that everyone can share.  When you look through the online catalogs of these designers, you inevitably find perfect gifts for your friends.

Some of the great ones from Atypik include a few of their newest design expressions, like the first one, a very sympathetic new build of the proverbial better mousetrap.


1. Amen Mousetrap


A better mousetrap... AMEN by Atypik: ©AtypikA better mousetrap... AMEN by Atypik: ©Atypik



2.  Get Angry Fork


Get Angry fork... by Atypik: ©AtypikGet Angry fork... by Atypik: ©Atypik



3. Whip (Vigorously)


Whip (vigorously) by Atypik: ©AtypikWhip (vigorously) by Atypik: ©Atypik



4. Knife Rest


Knife Rest by Atypik: ©AtypikKnife Rest by Atypik: ©Atypik   

5. Protect Yourself Umbrella


Protect Yourself Umbrella by Atypik: ©AtypikProtect Yourself Umbrella by Atypik: ©Atypik


There are so many fun design gifts at Atypik, and the pair with the genius vision, Ivan Duval and Jean Sebastien Ides, just keeps getting better.  See much more of their work at