Building Blocks Made From Bottle Caps: Recycling Gone Astray

It really does seem absurd to go to the lengths required to patent a product whose primary purpose is to save money by using cheap parts already available in the home, but perhaps there’s more to this than meets the eye. (And then again, perhaps there isn’t.) The patent describes the noble purpose of using readily available and normally discardable items to create a desirable toy in two “embodiments.”


In the first embodiment, the top of a twist-on type of bottle cap is extended to duplicate the threaded portion of a bottle top. In the second instance, the bottom of a bottle cap is provided with a skirt which has a groove on its inside surface. The top of the cap is designed to snap into the groove of an identical cap and then they all can be easily stacked by twisting one onto another (first embodiment) or snapping one onto another (second embodiment).

Beverage cans may also be adapted for use within these two embodiments as well. Get creative, as there may be no end to what can be used for these projects. What’s next can, however, be a perplexing question, for where do we draw the line? Will former friends, in-laws and nasty neighbors be next on the list? They might as well be for they serve no purpose now, except to annoy us.

What do YOU think about all this?

Inquiring minds want to know.

* I could find no photos of the invention itself, but have included a picture of a toy made from the same components; namely soda cans and/or bottle caps.

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