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Building That Vacation Cabin In The Woods Can Be So Easy

There is little so peaceful and enjoyable is owning that little piece of paradise in the woods, by the lake, or on a mountain. At some point you are going to want to have that special private cabin there so that you can really relax and enjoy the view. The Bunkie is a great pre-fab cabin that can save you the headache of trying to build in the wilderness.

 The BunkieThe Bunkie

The Bunkie is space efficient so that you don't need a lot of room to enjoy your vacation time getting back to nature. Two walls of windows allow you to drink in the great view around you.

The BunkieThe Bunkie

The furniture is built into the design -- a pair of queen-sized beds that fold into the wall, a table hidden in plain sight over the fireplace, and chairs folded into the wood paneling. In case you are wondering, that second bed is tucked up under the roof and accessed by a ladder. The construction is simple plywood and reclaimed barn boards. There are even vaulted ceilings to make that one room seem really spacious.

 The BunkieThe Bunkie

The cabin mimics the shape of a traditional house, but is so much less -- and more. While this is a cabin there is little rustic about it. The design is entirely modern and efficient. There are even shelves for keeping whatever you need near at hand.

 The BunkieThe Bunkie

There is no pricing on the Bunkie as yet, but you can subscribe to updates and receive more information as it becomes available.

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