Built-In Equalizer Let's Your T-Shirt Do The Dancing

Deciding on what to wear to a bar or a dance club can be a challenging task. Sure sometimes it can be extremely easy (“I’ll just wear what I’m already wearing”) but when you’re excited for the night out, it can be difficult. Even though this t-shirt isn’t classy and sophisticated, it just might help you grab everyone’s attention at the local hotspot.

Source: Bim Bam Banana

Plain and simple, the Show-Off T-Shirt is a shirt with a built-in sensitive graphic equalizer panel. Which in English means, the shirt’s equalizer lights up to the beat of music.

However, one main drawback could be where the battery is located. Its stated that the battery is hidden discretely in a pocket inside the shirt. Sounds like it you won’t notice it, but what about the hazards that come with a battery? Getting caught in a rainstorm with this t-shirt is probably not a great idea and could be life-threatening.

The Show-Off T-Shirt is a great innovation, but the fact that certain battery hazards are unknown could be something buyers should be aware of. You want the t-shirt to be lighting up, not you.

Find out more about the t-shirt here.

Jul 26, 2008
by Anonymous

not a real equalizer

i think this one been out for at least two years now.
The "equalizer" simply work as a noise level indicator, not as a true equalizer.
The sensor that helps to light up the shirt, is too sensitive for loud environment, as a result, the bars are all the way up and don't move when you are in the club.

Jul 27, 2008
by Anonymous



Aug 19, 2008
by Anonymous

the first person

okay, this is for the first person. why do you have to
be such a kill joy!! nobody likes your negativity! this
is a cool idea and you just have to ruin it with your

oh yeeeah!! i went there!

Sep 14, 2008
by Anonymous


where do you buy there things, there awsome and i agree the the person who said about the first person! you really are a kill joy, obviously you dont get out much!

wicked idea guys!

Nov 4, 2008
by Anonymous


I love this shirt but $99.00 can feed a lot of hungy people. I would buy it if it was less than $30.00