Bullet Designs Shoots For Cool Fashion Statement

A bullet ring from the Bullet Designs, LLC line.A bullet ring from the Bullet Designs, LLC line.

So often, our attentions focus on either the positive or negative aspects of gun ownership. A bullet tends to grab all the negative headlines. That was before Bullet Designs, LLC decided to channel the bullet’s untapped fashion sense. The company recycles fired bullets into a myriad of wearable items.

20 Gauge Necklace20 Gauge Necklace

Established in 2010, Bullet Designs, LLC Products include rings, cuff links, designer necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Handcrafted and customizable bullet products. And if you don’t see exactly what you want on the website, the company can customize a product for you. If you’d like to go sexy with it, there’s the Fire and Ice Collection. All Bullet Designs products have no live ammunition or gunpowder.

12 Gauge Rope Bracelet12 Gauge Rope Bracelet

Here’s a quick rundown of their two most popular offerings:

Bullet Rings – Made with Authentic Recycled (Fired) Bullet Heads and adjustable ring bases and fits any size. Each Ring is available with or without a Swarovski Crystal center (no additional charge). Brass Bullet Heads come on a gold plated ring base. Nickel Bullet Heads come on a Silver Plated Ring Base. Base styles may vary.

Bullet Cuff Links – These bullet cuff links are made with authentic recycled (fired) shotgun shell heads and bullet with contrasting firing pins used for dramatic effect.

Bullet Designs strives to provide the customer – particularly the sportsman or sportswoman – with cool alternatives to the mundane. In fact, this is what Bullet Designs says about their products: “It is our hope to offer a solution to the age old problem of what to buy for the sportsman (and sportswoman) who has everything with our innovative, practical and useful products. As often as possible we design environmentally friendly products.”

So, if you’re looking for that unique gift idea, maybe Bullet Designs might have something perfect for you.