Bullet Proof Bras For German Police

The German police have been at it. Secretly testing out new protective wear for the women on the force: bullet resistant bras. Now the bullet resistant bras are ready for delivery to about 3,000 German police women who are in frontline duty. It's about time too.

This safety precaution is mandatory as a woman police officer can sustain life threatening injuries if she shot wearing only a bullet proof vest. This is because normal bras might have metallic or plastic parts that could tear into flesh when impacted with a bullet.

This new bra features thick pads for protection and a blend of cotton, polyester, spandex and polyamide and has no buttons or fasteners.

Available is available in four different sizes, with the word "Polizei" (police) emblazoned on it. Each police women can get up to three bras.

Via: dcemu.co.uk


Sep 24, 2008
by Anonymous


good if it works but why have polizei on it, hopefully they are not going to flash people with it. :P