Bulletsafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap: Shield Your Skull With This Hat

Bulletsafe Bulletproof Baseball CapBulletsafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap

Baseball caps have been popular since baseball was invented, and now there are thousands of styles and designs you can choose from. There are even baseball caps with special features like bottle openers and lights. Bulletsafe has produced one with a special feature that could save your life--a bulletproof plate. 

Bulletsafe is a manufacturer of bulletproof vests (they even have a vest for dogs), and they decided to implement their technology into a baseball cap. The Bulletsafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap is a discreet means of protection for dangerous situations, in which a gun is involved. 

Testing Bulletsafe Bulletproof CapTesting Bulletsafe Bulletproof Cap

The Bulletsafe Bulletproof Cap is designed to offer level IIA protection, which protects from .22LR, .38, .380, .40, 9mm and .45ACP rounds. The protective panel is one that's designed to protect from rifle rounds, and is situated in the front of the cap. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Since the protective panel only covers about 33% of the cap, you'll only be getting protection in the front of your head. The sides and back of the Bulletsafe Bulletproof Cap don't have bulletproof panels, which leaves these areas exposed. The reason for only one protective panel is discretion.

Ballastics helmets are designed to give the entire skull protection from a bullet. The Bulletsafe Bulletproof Cap was designed for people, who run the risk of being involved in dangerous situations, but who still want to look professional and approachable. This isn't a cap you would take into a SWAT Team sort-of situation. 

If you're in the the field of security or law enforcement, and you want a bit of added protection without looking like you're going into a raid, you may want to check out the Bulletsafe Bulletproof Cap. Find out more on this cap, including how to order on the Bulletsafe website