Bump, Bump, Bumpit Up On Your Way To Big, Beautiful Hair!

Listen up Southern Belles, there's finally a hair accessory that will allow you to set your dozen cans of hairspray aside, and once again allow you to run your fingers through your big, big hair. Get ready; it's time to bump, bump, bumpit up!

Forget the days of straight, flat hair; with the Bumpit you can take a journey back to hair styles of the 80's or the old south. I may have said no more hairspray, but that's not entirely true; the Bumpit is essentially a clip that rests at the scalp and gives you big hair and still needs some product to keep things in place. It may give you a headache in the mean time, but they do say that beauty means pain; and just think, instead of a whole can of hairspray to keep your hair in place each morning; you can stick this plastic hair accessory in your scalp.

Teasing aside, the look is stylish, and teasing (of the hair, that is) won't plague you anymore! (Get Bumpit here.)

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