No Bathroom? No Problem. Bumper Dumper Lets You Drop Your Pants Wherever You Are

Here it is, the truly portable toilet designed for when you're on the go and have simply got to go. 

The Bumper Dumper Portable Toilet hooks directly up to your trailer hitch, supports up to 500lbs, and gives you the freedom to go anywhere. 

All you need is a plastic bag or container drum to collect the waste. Oh, and then you'll have to drive it around until you find somewhere to unload.

Now, if you're driving across Montana in the middle of nowhere, I have to wonder if this is really necessary. Couldn't you just as easily squat down behind a tree? Sure, the Bumper Dumper is more comfortable - at least, I assume it is, I haven't actually tried it - but it's not exactly an essential. 

The real advantage, so far as I can tell, is when you're in the city. In New York, for example, finding a bathroom in an emergency can be tough. To be able to hook this up to your trailer hitch and go about your business whenever and wherever you happen to be would be a huge advantage. 

The obvious problem with using it in the city is that you'd be a bit visible. You can't very well pull over in Times Square, rig it up to the back of your truck and carry on like nothing is out of the ordinary. Even in New York, this is going to raise some eyebrows. 

The solution lies in this next product:

Camouflage Toilet Paper

If you've had the foresight to pick up a roll of camouflage toilet paper, then your troubles are pretty much over. Camouflage toilet paper allows you to blend easily into the background and sit on the toilet seat on the back of your truck completely unnoticed, no matter how crowded it is. 

Let me show you how it works. In this first photograph the man on the toilet is not using camouflage toilet paper. Hence the problem of being seen by everyone in the immediate vicinity.

But in this second picture he is using camouflage toilet paper. The difference is clear. 

So if you do decide to purchase the Bumper Dumper Toilet, be sure to pick up a handy roll of Camouflage Toilet Paper along with it. You won't regret it, and you might just be saved a ton of embarrassment. 

I said might.

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Mar 14, 2013
by Anonymous

Top Gear invented that

Top Gear invented that first. Jeremy Clarkson will sue you. Watch