Bumpy Bus Ride? Hold Onto Your Instant Ramen!

A “tasteful” ad campaign by a Korean food manufacturer has Chinese commuters holding onto Nong Shim instant cup ramen whether they're hungry or not. Luckily for said commuters, they're not exposed to the potent, kimchee-infused fumes of the hot & spicy ramen itself.

The key to the campaign are the plastic grab handles installed by the dozen on a huge variety of buses, subways and passenger trains. By modifying the handles to encase one “Shin Cup” each, every passenger holding a handle is exposed to the product up close & personal.

The thinking is, once they get to where they're going they'll still have Nong Shim instant ramen on their mind and will do what comes naturally: buy some!

Undoubtedly the modification isn't cheap but at least all the revamped handles look alike and can be stamped out in a single automated production run. The new handles also don't detract from their original and prime function: giving passengers something to help support themselves when the vehicle they're riding in shifts unexpectedly.

This new approach to advertising was noted by M.I.C Gadget's roving reporters in an unnamed Chinese city but certainly the handles aren't restricted to that town or bus company. Expect to see the handles in other cities and countries soon – and that includes North America where Nong Shim's Shin Cup instant ramen is both a big seller and easy to find.