Bunch O Balloons Fills And Ties 100 Water Balloons In One Minute!

Bunch O Balloons inventor and dad of eight, Josh Malone, has just made a summertime classic as easy as 1-2-3. No really. In three quick and easy steps Bunch O Balloons fills and ties 37 water balloons in 20 seconds. Open the package, connect a Bunch O Balloons bunch to a hose or spigot, turn on the water, and shake the balloons off when they are full. Okay fine. Technically it will take four steps to get you ready for the best water balloon fight of the summer. Have 40 more seconds to spare? Fill two more bunches for more than 100 water balloons in one minute.

Each Bunch O Balloons package comes with three bunches of 37 water balloons. Because each water balloon is pre-connected to a plastic tube with a rubber band, there is no need to tie the balloon once it is full. The plastic tubes are connected to a hose attachment, and it really just takes a shake of the bunch to have the balloons fall off of the tubes while the rubber band stays and seals the balloon.

My mind went in two different directions when I saw Bunch O Balloons. I immediately thought of childhood water balloon fights on hot summer days. I thought of end of the school year parties, church picnics, and family barbeques. It was a total hassle to fill and tie enough balloons to make it a worthwhile battle, but the reward was in the fun. Bunch O Balloons will add to the fun by eliminating the set-up time and frustrating task of tying slippery, wet, water balloons. What could be better?

The environmentalist in me is such a buzzkill, though. My mind then went to the sea creatures, birds, and landfills being choked by plastic and trash. How could I justify a water balloon fight when our planet is suffering? I needed to know more. I needed to know just how awful it would be for me to enjoy Bunch O Balloons and the most epic balloon fight ever.

It turns out it won’t be that awful. I’m not the only one worried about sustainability. Malone was worried too, so the design included ways to make the product more environmentally friendly. The leftover stems which attach to the balloons and allow the water to fill them are made of polypropylene plastic and are recyclable. The balloons themselves are made of natural rubber and are biodegradable. An additive in the rubber quickens the process when exposed to sunlight.

Bunch O Balloons is a functional and ready to use prototype, but not available for purchase. Yet. Manufacturers are ready to begin mass producing Bunch O Balloons, but in order to achieve the best manufacturing and shipping process this project is being funded through Kickstarter. Backers have been offered Bunch O Balloons by the end of this summer or next depending on the amount you pledge. If you don't want to wait until this comes on the market, you will have to settle for this well rated but slower Water Balloon Filling Station.

I’m not the only one who thinks this project is the best thing to happen to summer since the original water balloon. Bunch O Balloons’ goal was met quickly, though the campaign has not ended. You’ll be filling 100 water balloons in one minute’s time in no time at all.

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