Bungee Vegas-Style: Stratosphere's Newest Attraction

Not content with high stake gaming and rides like the X-Scream and Big Shot, the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in Vegas is now offering a new means of thrills: SkyJump. The attraction, which was originally announced in January and opened this month, sets you on the 1,149-foot Stratosphere for an 855-foot freefall. Reach speeds of up to 40 mph while falling over the captivating Vegas strip day or night.

Stratosphere describes it as thus:  "The wind’ll go whoosh. You’ll go $#!@%. Or yippee. Or yeah. Or yikes. Chances are you’ll be screaming something close to blood curdling when you free fall from the 108th floor. But the Stratosphere’s new SkyJump will be the trip of your life—no matter what you might be yelling." 

Like any death-defying act, the SkyJump starts off with a little briefing on safety before suiting you up, strapping you to the "descender" machine and letting you go for it off the tiny-and-terrifying little plank on the 108th floor. You'll make your 855-foot plunge and the machine will slow you down once you approach the ground. It sounds like there's no nauseating bounce, unlike bungee. In case you're worried about swinging too far and slamming into the side of the tower, two stabilizer wires keep you straight on course. 

The jump costs $100 and is available from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

So, in case you didn't already realize, the Stratosphere is the place to get your gravity-defying thrills on in Vegas. Words can never describe something this insane, so take a look at the video clip below to get inside the jump. 

SkyJump via Gizmodo