Bunny Bags: Unique Green Totes Convert Into Plush Toys

Reusable bags are being made more convenient so those looking to adopt more eco-friendly methods of carrying their shopping can. A unique set of picnic totes doesn't necessary have a second practical purpose, but it is transformable!

Picnic TotePicnic Tote

The Picnica Nylon Totes are bags that can be used to go shopping or to take along a picnic. When they've got nothing in them, they can be folded up and turned into stuff Nylon bunny rabbits. They fit conveniently in your purse, and are handy for moms who need to reach into their bag of tricks for something to entertain a distraught child.

Green Bunny BagGreen Bunny Bag

These totes have a unique dual purpose that makes them even more eco-friendly, since they can always be in use one way or another!

Via: Inhabitots

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Dec 15, 2009
by Anonymous

Eco bags are awesome !!

I’ll look into it and will need to get some other bags, then. I like Tote bags a lot.