Buns And Guns: Beirut Restaurant Delivers Authentic Military Experience

If this Halloween you have dreams to dress up like a member of the military and tote your own selection of guns and hand grenades, there might be a great way to get the experience if you're too old for trick-or-treating, you'll just have to travel to Beirut.

Military Themed RestaurantMilitary Themed Restaurant

In Lebanon, in an area that is relatively free from political warfare, the Buns and Guns Restaurant has opened. The sandwich shop, which has the motto "one sandwich can kill you" because of the enormity of its meals has a military theme sure to make military fanatics feel like they're dining in a warzone without any actual gunfire or fear of death. The staff is dressed in military fatigues, while the menu features a similar themed design as do the names of the meals; but what really makes the experience, is the recorded track of gunfire, low-flying airplanes and hand grenades. Plus, the outside makes you feel like you're about to enter a bunker, sandbags and all!

Buns and GunsBuns and Guns

Ironically enough, Buns and Guns has said that the legitimate military presence in the country has also lent a positive aspect to their marketing plan. Go figure!

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Oct 8, 2009
by Anonymous

Bring this to the US & worldwide

Markets for:


& below specific locales:
FT Irwin CA
New London CT
Wash DC VA
Fairfax VA- NRA Hqs.
Pearl Harbor HI
Vandenburg AFB CA
Groton CT
Near active military bases
In the Pentagon?
MacLean VA
Gettysburg PA
Mojave CA
Pensacola FL
San Diego CA
& elsewhere.

Id dine here.

Come to America!