Burberry-Google Christmas Campaign: Regent Street Video Booth Welcomes All

Using film to advertise products is an idea that has been around almost as long as film, but the modern advertising experience has been transformed by a high-tech phenomenon known as real-time stitching technology. this process requires computer software to produce a segmented panorama or  high-resolution image by combining many photographic images with overlapping vistas. In order to achieve seamless results, image-stitching demand exact overlaps between images and identical exposures. Image-stitching is widely used today in applications such as medical imaging; digital maps and satellite photos requiring high resolution photo mosaics; object insertion and video-stitching.


Video StitichingVideo Stitiching


Thomas Burberry, a 21-year-old British dress-maker, founded a small outfitter's shop in 1856. By 1870, the store became an emporium specializing in sportswear. in 1879, Burberry invented gabardine, which was not only water-resistant but also extremely durable. This would later guarantee the success of the brand's most iconic creation; the Burberry trench-coat. He was soon commissioned to design service uniforms for British officers, and during the Second World War, supplied high-quality gabardines to service men in all branches of the armed forces. Burberry's stellar reputation for creating high-end, luxury garments continues unchallenged to this day.


Thomas BurberryThomas Burberry

 The Burberry Booth, Google and Billy Elliot

High-end clothing legend, Burberry, and search engine giant, Google, have combined forces to create a one-of-a-kind film experience using real-time technology that permits the public to actually play an important role in the brand's Christmas ad campaign. The ad's gala premiere, which was hosted by Christopher Bailey, Burberry chief creative and chief executive officer, and John and Toby Huntington-Whitely, occur-ed earlier this month at the brand's flagship store on Regent Street. All proceeds went to charity all participants donated their time.


Burberry/Google Christmas VideoBurberry/Google Christmas Video

 Known as the Burberry Booth, anyone who wishes can insert thmselves into the luxury label's festive campaign video, which features a recreation of the opening scne of Billy Elliot and stars Sir Elton John, who wrote the music for the stage show, Julie Waters, who starred in the film, super-model, Naomi Campbell and a host of others. It also features the song, Cosmic Dancer, performed by T.Rex from the movie soundtrack.


Burberry BoothBurberry Booth

In the words of Christopher Bailey:

"Billy Elliot is an incredible film full of so much joy and energy, so it was a real thrill and a great honour to be able to celebrate its 15-year anniversary through our festive campaign."


Burberry Christmas VideoBurberry Christmas Video

Burberry and Google

This campaign video marks only Burberry's latest digital collaboration with Google. The first was in 2013 with the introduction of the Burberry Kiss  in which the company's creative team developed a campaign to capture a virtual kiss and send it to anyone, anywhere in the world. By introducing innovative lip detection technology into the digital realm, Google and Burberry succeeded in sparking a vital connection with a new generation.

The future of Burberry and Google

Both Burberry and Google are icons in their own particular way and both have shown themselves to be open to re-invention, which is the eternal, elusive catalyst for all innovation.

In your opinion, is real-time stitiching here to stay or a passing fad? Explain.

Closing thoughts on innovation:

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. ~ Theodore Levitt