Burberry Modernizes The Classic Trench With Edgy Studs

Burberry is known for the classic trench coat and designs that have transcended fashion for decades; now, they bring a design that's fitting for the new decade that we've entered with an edgy twist on a classic.

Burberry Goes ModernBurberry Goes Modern

This trench is part of Burberry's Spring/Summer 2010 line and has been designed in partnership with a Paris store called Colette. It incorporates a number of trendy designs we've seen over the last couple of seasons, including poufy shoulders, and a studded collar.

Studded Burberry TrenchStudded Burberry Trench

This particular coat is equally as pricey as most of Burberry's coats, however, with classic styles that can last a lifetime, this trendy design comes with a heftier price tag should it need to be retired after a couple of seasons.

Via: Cyana Trend Land