Burger King Japan's Avocado Burgers Are An Avocaddict's Dream

Avocado advocates rejoice, Burger King Japan is adding an abundance of avocado to its burgers this summer in hopes of creating hoardes of slavering “avocaddicts”. Beginning August 11th, guacamole junkies can get their fix by ordering the Premium Fresh Avocado Whopper, Fresh Avocado Whopper Junior, and the Fresh Avocado Burger.

BK's corporate buyers must have struck a ginormous deal with avocado growers as the sheer quantity of creamy green sliced heaven on each of the three signature burgers is almost overwhelming.

As well, size isn't the only thing differentiating the trio of avocado-ized offerings so so-called “avocaddicts” (BK's term , not ours) can mix it up when they get their fruity fix – yes, the avocado is a fruit; a berry to be exact. 

If you'd like some beef and buns with your avocado, then the Premium Fresh Avocado Whopper is your ideal meal. Burger King's advertisements highlight the fact that each sandwich contains the equivalent of 1.5 avocados along with mayo,  lettuce and sliced tomato. The Fresh Avocado Whopper Junior includes the same toppings though the ratio of sliced fresh avocado is reduced.

Last but not least, the Fresh Avocado Burger dispenses with the lettuce, tomato and mayo in favor of crispy bacon and Monterey Jack cheese. All three choices are available as combos and for a limited time only, BK will supersize the soft drink from medium to large size at no extra cost. (via Gigazine)