Burger King Japan Goes Wide with the Pizza-Size Burger

McDonalds has the Big Mac and MegaMac, Wendy's offers double and triple “hot & juicy” burgers, and Burger King topped 'em all with its seven-patty meat monstrosity, the Windows 7 Whopper. Since the sky's the limit as far as stacking burgers goes, what's a burger chain to do? As the quarterback once said to the receiver, “Go wide!”

Wide is what you get with Burger King Japan's 8.8 inch (22cm) diameter Pizza-Size Burger. Note that only the buns are extra-wide, in between are four regular Whopper-sized beef patties arranged in a four-leaf-clover pattern. The fillings and toppings are also normally sized but at least they're provided in abundance.

You can order the Pizza-Size Burger in two different styles, though both styles are served in an odd “half & half” format with one half featuring the everyday Whopper's toppings: tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup and so on. Slices of fresh avocado are added to the, er, “Fresh Avocado” version and tortilla chips, cheese sauce and jalapeno peppers occupy half of the “Cheese Nacho” version. Cut it up as you would a pie (or a pizza, duh) and dig in!

The Pizza-Size Burger may sound & look familiar to those who tried the Pizza Burger, a 9.5 inch wide belt-buster sold exclusively at the BK Whopper Bar in New York City's Times Square in the autumn of 2010. Now it's back, but only in Japan and only for a limited time: from December 8th through 25th inclusive. Both versions of the Pizza-Size Burger are priced at 1,680 yen or about $21.50 each. (via Gigazine)    

Nov 3, 2011
by Anonymous

Americanism spreading like disease

America is tainting the rest of the world with its gluttony, since we tend to overdo everything. "Skinny" countries, like Japan, should reject something so obviously bad for the body and soul before its too late, yet they are stupid enough to embrace it. In no time, they will have obese blobs everything, just like here.

Nov 5, 2011
by Anonymous

Seeing as all of those don't even appear in America...

... this is hardly America's fault.

If you want to complain, complain at all of the people IN THESE COUNTRIES that are both producing and buying these things. In case you fail to realize, I doubt many of the people in charge of their branches are non-asians.

Dec 22, 2011
by Anonymous

Nothing new under the sun...

We've been making these for large family gatherings for oh, 25 years, right here on the West Coast in the good ole' USA! Healthier mind you. The large Kings Hawaiian Sweetbread loaf sliced twice (for a double-decker) and stacked with all the good stuff you can muster.

I always do it with the leanest beef, in addition to onions sautee'd in olive oil and crushed garlic.

Slice it like a pie and it feeds four to six