Burger King Japan Serves Up Mini Burgers with Spam

It seems there's no avoiding spam – you'll find it in your email inbox and now, courtesy of Burger King Japan, you'll find it on the menu as the “meat” inside one of the fast food giant's new BK Bites mini-burger pairings.

Burger King's been marketing smaller burgers to the fairer sex in several Asian countries of late, with slogans like “What Women Want, Women Get” helping promote their BK Shots in Singapore. As “shots” was deemed to be too violent for Japanese tastes, the mini-burgers were re-named BK Bites... and evidently without the somewhat sexist slogan. Looking at the luscious burger pairs above, I would've gone with “Hey, nice buns!” but... that's why I don't work for BK.

Even so, Japan is different in some (OK, many) ways and according to Burger Business, BK designed these smaller burgers to be “lighter and suitable for women.” Yet they come in pairs, which kinda works against the whole “lighter” thing. Hmm, maybe I SHOULD work for BK.

But back to Spam... it's the main ingredient in the Spam & BLT pairing (the others being Beef & Chicken, and Beef & Chicken with Lemon & Basil Salt sauce).

From the looks of it (left, at bottom left), a Spam patty is joined between the buns by lettuce, mayo, onion and cheese. Spam & cheese, is that a viable combination?? It sounds worse than Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Baked Beans & Spam.

Spam itself is no stranger to Burger King away from the contiguous 48 states, as the much mocked mystery meat has found its way into BK's offerings in Hawaii and the Philippines to mention just a couple. Its popularity there depends largely on a previously engrained liking for the venerable canned comestible that dates back to WW2.

Will Spam be big in Japan, even when served in small burgers? You'll have to ask the Japanese women who BK's targeting... the same women who might feel peeved at (a) having to purchase TWO burgers when a light meal requires just one, and (b) having to pay a hefty 330 yen ($2.70) for the BK Bites pair or 690 yen ($5.55) for a combo. Memo to Burger King: Don't anger the Queen!