Burger King Japan Serves Fast Fruit with Apple-Topped Burgers

The limited time “BK RiNGO” from Burger King Japan slips a slice of flame-grilled apple into a Whopper Jr-sized burger. They're also including a couple of BK Chicken Wings with each burger. Now that's some sweet deal!   

Burger King Japan turned heads in late 2009 with the Windows 7 Whopper, so is the new, apple-infused BK RiNGO a tip of the crown to Apple Inc.? Sorry to disappoint you, Steve McJobs, but the company that brought the world the iPod, iPad and iPhone did NOT answer the call when Burger King was dialing up this limited-time promotion.

That goes double for Richard “Ringo Starr” Starkey and The Beatles' Apple Corps Ltd though at least there won't be any copyright lawsuits filed... well, probably not. “Ringo”, y'see, is the Japanese word for Apple (the fruit) and Ringo (the drummer) isn't peeved about it. How could he be? Like Hedley Lamarr, the Japanese ringo came first and by rights could sue him!

But back to BK and the BK RiNGO, which is a Whopper Jr-sized burger that features a grilled beef patty topped with honey-mustard sauce, lettuce, and a 7mm (about 1/3 of an inch) thick apple slice flame-grilled for your gustatorial pleasure.

Sounds good? Of course it does... and like all good things, the BK RiNGO won't last long. Burger King Japan is only selling the fruity sandwich from March 9th through 22nd and no, you can't get it outside Japan. Just in case the 240 yen ($3.05) cost per burger puts you off, the King's including two BK Chicken Wings with each order at no extra charge. As Wayne of Wayne's World might say, "Thanks, you're heinous!"

The question remains, however, if enjoying a BK RiNGO a day will keep the doctor away... probably not. Leaving something sweet from BK on your teacher's desk, on the other hand, could just well earn you an A. (via Japan Today